Bridging the gap between languages, one pun at a time.

Hiya, we are Punda Translations, a Spanish <> English localization team based out of Córdoba, Argentina. We primarily provide translation and localization services for game companies and developers, although we also count with experience in subtitling and proofreading.

We've been working in the field of videogame localization for over 5 years and have built this portfolio to showcase the games we've worked on in the past, to give future clients an idea of our level of skill. From shooters to RPGs to adventure games, we've got the experience.

We pride ourselves in providing accurate yet fresh translations that can bring out the soul of the original language while making it shine in the target language as well. We especially love tackling difficult assignments and have a lot of experience in translating puns and terms that might give other translators pause. That's why we are called Pun-da Translations.

With that said, I hope our work interests you, and we can work together in the future. Feel free to contact us if you want to hire us for your project.

Below are some of the games we've translated:

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